Thursday, July 1, 2010


Last week was missions week here on project. As we kicked off the week with the international dinner God quickly began to open our eyes to whats going on the world. That night after the dinner we had a talk and one of the staff members shared a little of her heart for missions. One of the things which really stuck with me is when she talked about when she went was in Asia on a vision trip and a boy there asked her if God even spoke his language. To know that there are so many people who are thirsty for the truth in other countries and yet we are so concerned about our own desires and needs we dont even see them is eye opening. That night I decided to go sharing with some of my friends and our plan was to hit up some of the parties. However apparently thats not what God had planned for us because we didnt make it past the end of the road. We met a few guys and were able to just chat a little bit about life with them. Then we walked across the street and ran into another group of people. I started talking with this girl named erika who had just graduated from highschool the day before and we had some really great conversation. She was with a group of girls and the Liz's had already talked to some of them. We invited them to thursday night and they were really excited about it. Then I gave Erika my number and told her to text me if they wanted to hang out on thursday before cru. The next morning I was a little bummed because I hadnt gotten her number and in the past the last few people ive given my number to have never texted me. Two hours later though she texted me saying she wanted me to have her number. Monday night was dinner with bstud and our discipler made us amazing pasta and we had some great fellowship. Tuesday was sharing night and our group was sent to the pier for the third time. We were all a little irritated because we wanted to go some where else but we decided to make the best of it. I went with brian and jp and we got in a pretty good conversation with these 2 boys and were able to give them a kgp even though they didnt have time for us to go through it with them. It was interesting though because we were walking behind them as they left and we saw one of the boys open up the kgp and start to look at it. Then we shared with another guy who was fishing and he said he was a Christian but we were still able to talk with him for alittle while and ask some questions to get him thinking. Then our group all kinda met up by accident because we all had been heading in the same direction. Megan shared with us that her and berta had seen someone come to Christ and I'll admit I got a little jealous. I still hadn't seen someone accept Christ yet. I knew that it wasn't that i had been doing something wrong and God had still been using me but it was hard. Then me berta and Megan decided to go sharing and see if we could talk to one last group of people before we had to go. Berta picked these girls out and it was a little funny because they started walking away from us and berta pretty much started chasing them down. When we finally caught up with them they were willing to go through the survey and also the kgp. One of the girls actually told us she wanted to pray to accept Christ and a second one told us she didnt want to right that second but wanted to think about it. So that very night that I had started to feel insecure about sharing and not seeing someone come to Christ God allowed me an opportunity to see what I had desired. That night I was able to talk with one of my friends joanna and I got to hear a little bit of her story and it was really cool to see how much we could relate to each other. Wednesday night was date night with Jesus which is always a great time! After date night we had an ice-cream social we could go to where we were able to learn about all the partnerships our region of cru has in other countries. I went to the 4J one and also the France one and it truly opened my eyes to the need for the gospel in other countries. Thursday on my day off I went sharing with my discipler and it was kinda a struggle. We literally walked the beach for 45 mins trying to find someone to talk to and although there were hundreds of people we didnt really feel drawn to anyone. Finally Melissa said we were just going to talk to these two girls on the way out. So we walked up and met the girls and it turns out someone had shared the survey and kgp with one of them last week and she had accept Christ and was really excited about it. So I got to share with her friend and go through the kgp and at the end the girl looked us in the eye and said yes she wanted to become a Christian. It was so cool to see how God had worked through my imperfect words to lead this girl to him. Then after Dship my friend Tori called me up and asked what I was up to. She said she had just gotten off work and was possibly going to go sharing. I told her that sounds like a good plan. After talking to her I texted Erika to see what they were up to for the day and found out they were just hanging out on the beach. So me and tori went and met up with them. Tori shared some of her story, which was really powerful and the girls invited us back to their place for food and we both were able to share our testimonies with them. They were already Christians but it was so cool to see their excitement for what we were doing. They told us there was obviously a reason we had met them and one girl even said our stories were making her feel really emotional. It was such an encouragement to talk to them and for them to say that they hope the college they are going to has cru. We were also able to bring them with us to Cru that night and it was really cool to see how much they enjoyed it. I know they touched mine and toris hearts and lives just as much as they told us we touched theirs. Friday night was just a good hang out day after work I went and played soccer with some people for a few hours and just got to relaxe a little bit. Saturday was just a blur and im not even sure exactly what happened but suddenly it was sunday morning. My roommate woke me up by singing/shouting and jumping on the bed that I needed to get up because we had to go to church. I couldnt even really be mad at her because all I could do was laugh. Then sunday after our church I went with a group to the bearfoot church which is another church we are trying to partner with. It was a pretty cool church and the worship band was pretty good. After that I had ameeting to go to and then dinner with impact group. We went to sticky fingers which had really good ribs and wings. That night we had our sunday night cru meeting and found out the topic for the next week was agapa love (Gods love for us) Last week was a really cool week, I was able to see God working in so many different things. I also was able to have some great conversation with people on project and was able to learn some of their stories. The friendships I have developed here continue to amaze me and show me what a true community of believers can look like. Its been great to see all the guys and how protective they are of us. They all treat us like sisters and show us more respect then I have seen from almost any guy Ive ever know. I am so thankful for this fellowship with other believers and how God is already using us in each others lives!!

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