Wednesday, July 7, 2010

agapa week aka Gods love week!

Monday night began staffs final week with us before we were given complete control over project and they all headed back home. Monday night our bible study decided we needed to celebrate our final week with melissa (our study leader) so we went out to dinner at fudruckers and then to barefoot to walk around. It was a great bonding time and we had lots of laughs including our drive through at MickyD's where we used our balloon hat which looked like a snail and a super high pitched voice to order our food. It was pretty funny and by the end of it those of us in the backseat were in tears because we were laughing so hard. Then we came back to project and did a short bible study in which berta was able to lead. It was a little bit of a change from melissa leading but I know she will do a great job and Im really excited for her to be able to lead our study for the next five weeks. After study the boys in our impact group came up to us and asked us if we would join them for dinner friday night at 5:45. They wouldn't tell us where we were headed only that we would have a choice for places to eat and that we needed
to dress as nice as we possibly could. Tuesday night our group was assigned to do homeless ministry instead of going sharing so our impact group headed up to the church. We werent really sure what to expect and we ended up singing 2 songs for the group and then some of us helped serve the food. They had quite a few people helping out so im not sure if they really needed our help but it was cool to have to opportunity to be there. Wednesday night was date night with Jesus as alway which is the perfect night of the week to have it because we all really just need some down time. Thursday I went with steph to breakfast because she was leaving to go home for a wedding for the weekend. I really enjoyed just getting to sit down and talk with her and hear how her life was going :) Then I had dship with melissa for the last time which was a little sad because I dont like having to say goodbye to people. That night all of project went to the church and had dinner sitting on blankets on the floor with the staff for the last time. Then we had a message and afterwards we turned off the lights and had a candle lighting ceremony symbolizing them leaving and us taking over project. There were many tears all around and it was hard to say goodbye to those who had given us so much for the past 5 weeks and had truly impacted our lifes. After they all left we had a talk just about how the rest of project was going to go and it was cool to see the excitement begin to form even in the midst of sadness. Friday at night we went with our boys to go take pictures with tina and toms family and say goodbye to them before our dinner. Mike's girl friend megan and her friend casey were here for the weekend because it was mikes birthday saturday so they were able to join us that night making us into a party of ten. The boys took us to a sweet mexican restaurant and then after that they took us to the palace theater. I couldnt believe when we got there thatthe boys had bought tickets already for us to see a show. It was one of those circus ones where they do all the really cool acrobatic stuff. It was awesome and I still can't believe the boys would do that for us because those tickets arent cheep especially for ten of us. That night was probably one of my favorites nights on project so far.
Saturday night is project dinner so we all got together and ate sandwiches in the GK before heading up the church for more food and a movie. A group of us ended up leaving to go see the movie Ateam in myrtle beach which turned out to be a really cool action movie. Sunday school was the first meeting we had since staff left and it seemed to go smoothly enough. Sunday afternoon my impact group and 2 others were assigned to go to barefoot church after our sunday school instead of going to OceanDrive church. We went to the service at 9:15 and then after we helped out greeting people for the next service and directing cars out of the parking lot. It was
an interesting change of pase and it was cool to see how much they appreciated us. Our sharing time was moved from tuesday
nights to sunday now that staff is gone and the beaches are filled with many more families especially on sundays. Since it was the forth of July sharing was from 1-3 and dinner was from 4:30 to 5:30 and our sunday night meeting started at 6. The meeting went really well with Liz and Matt being the first leaders other then Todd to share a message with us since staff left. After that everyone went back to grab blankets and towels as we headed to the beach to watch the fireworks as a project. We walked for about a mile down the beach towards the pier. We had some great fellowship just getting to know each other and getting to all hang out as a project. The fireworks were a little bit of a let down but we still had a great time and I was able to have some great conversation with a few of the girls I havent really had a chance to get to know yet. Last week really taught me about Gods love. It was really cool to see how we only have the ability to truly love each other because Christ loves us. It's only by that vertical love from him that we can pour out love horizontally to others. I really enjoyed seeing God work through us and help us to learn to really love each other and offer grace to one another

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