Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prayer week!

Tori started off the new week on speaking about prayer sunday night. One thing she said which really stuck out me was that prayer is never not answered, if its not God's will what your asking for wont happen but he always answers prayer one way or another. We need to learn how to pray in everything we do. We must learn to have a full conscious of God in everything. Also she reminded us that only the prince of peace can give us peace in any situation and we need to learn to go to him first. That night as I was thinking about my life I came to realize a few things. The verse "to whom much has been given, much will be demanded" kept coming into my mind. I realized that we dont even what tomorrow will bring, our lives are so short in light of eternity. Why would we want to spend out time chasing after earthly things when God has given us all of eternity? The least we can do is lay down our short lives here and spend them serving him. The second verse which really hit me hard that night was romans 1:16 which says I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone. I refuse to ever again be embarrassed of my faith and to miss an opportunity to share the gospel because I care too much about what others think about me. The rest of the night turned out to be an interesting one we had a little bit of a housing crisis with the keynote band which was supposed to be here to preform a concert tuesday night. We found out we could be losing out on over 400 dollars. After much scrambling and calling staff members we decided there wasnt much we could do that night and we headed to bed. Monday after work was bible study, and then a group of us went to watch the fireworks at barefoot which turned out to be better then the ones on the fourth of july. The next morning was concert day so the crazyness began by about 10 in the morning. We sent chris to get the trailer while me kelly and jenna headed to walmart to get some last minute food. While there we ran into some kids from campus outreach in NC and we had a pretty good conversation about how their project was going. Then after that me and chris went with brandon and james t to go get the stage from the church. Then we got back and had about an hour and a half before we needed to get back together and start getting things ready for the band. I ended up going to grab so food quick and then we all met up to pray for the band. The band arrived and we helped them move all their stuff in before heading to park to set up. It was so sweet to hang out with them and hear how their project was going and how touring had been. The concert that night went really great and it was cool to see people being able to go through the Kgp and the gospel with their co-workers. That night we had worship on the beach and it was cool because at one point there were about 25 of us out there. Wednesday morning I also had the day off and we went to bring the band breakfast in the morning before they headed out. It was a little sad because I know if those people were on my project some of us would have been pretty good friends and it was hard to say goodbye even though we had known them less then 24 hours. Then after that I headed with megan kat and emily to find our outfits for 5 dollar prom. Our entire project had been told to go spend 5 dollars on a crazy outfit for our prom on saturday night. We had a great time shopping and had so many great laughs at the ridiculous outfits. Then I hit up the beach for a couple of hours to work on my tan. then of course it was date night as usual. After date night I had d-ship and then because it was 24 hour prayer day I ended up praying until about 2 in the morning. Thursday nothing out of the ordinary really happened just roommate dinner and then cru, where katlyn talked about the power of prayer. Friday night we played some soccer in the park where it was like 100 degrees and so hot to even move. Then me katie brian and mike went out to dinner and had a fantastic time. Then me and katie got the chance to just sit and talk for like 2 hours before she went and met her cousins who were here visiting. I loved the chance to just get to know her and hear more of her story. Saturday was kinda a blurr because right after work we had to start getting ready for prom. We had olive garden catered to us which was amazing and then we all headed to the shak where there was cake other food and a dance party waiting for us. The community team did a fantastic job setting it all up and planning it all out. I loved everyone's outfits and the night brought so many laughs. Then after the dance we had a rave where everyone got glowsticks and we danced with the lights off and disco ball spinning. Which turned out to be almost more fun then the actual dance. Sunday we had sunday school and church as usual. Then I went with brian to steak and shakes to meet up with a few of his friends from the U who were down here with campus outreach. It was cool to have a chance to talk and hear how their project was going. After that it was sharing time and then after that our impact group decided to make breakfast for dinner. We made scrambled eggs pancakes cinnamon rolls, crepes and bacon and afterwards it was hard to even move. Then we had sunday night cru where we were introduced to the new theme of the week which was walk it out. This past week on project has taught me so much and im sad to know that I only have 2 more weeks left. It's crazy how fast the summer has gone and weird to think about not being here anymore. But two weeks in God's time is enough time for him to do so many more cool things and I can't wait to see what he has instore for us in these last few days at NMB.

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