Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whose the greatest?

Monday started the 6th week on project where the theme was whose the greatest. This week was our first week without staff and I'll admit things seemed a little different. Monday night was our first bible study without melissa, which was sad a little bit of a change. That night though our group got to talk about some things which had been going on in our study which turned into a pretty good conversation. We were also able to have some great discussion on things we had read in mark 10. Tuesday night we had group meetings so my keynote group got together and began talking about the concert. we were a little flustered because we felt like there were so many things to do and no where near enough time to do them all. But by the end of talking for about an hour we had a plan laid out for how we planned on accomplishing everything. Wednesday night was date night as usual, I went to shag and joes this time and it was a great time. I listened to a serman called "lukewarm and loving it" and it really opened my eyes to a lot of things including how comfortable I really live. 53/100 live on an average of 2 dollars a day and yet we make 100 times what the avg person makes and still feel like we never have enough. The problem with money is that it really gives a false sense of security the more you have the less needy you feel, basically the less you feel like you need God. It goes on to talk about how weve been so blinded by what we have it ends up being like we are comparing all the stuff to God and asking if he's really better then it. This makes God sick and makes him basically want to spit us out of his mouth. If God gave up his entire life for me you'd think I would be able to give up the things of this life that in the end wont even matter. I would encourage everyone to watch this serman on youtube because I think it holds a lot of truths we as Christians need to hear. Thursday night was my day off and me and Chris got up in the morning to go measure the stage for the concert. After walking around the entire church we finally found the door which we could get in and we went to look at the stage. It turns out the stage would be big enough but it was also too large to fit in stephans car so we had to come back and try to figure out trailer rental. Suprisingly the cost wasnt too much so we decided that was the way we would have to go. Then I came back and met with berta for our first d-ship together. It was a little odd having her disciple me but she already has a lot of wisdom and I know I will learn a lot from her in 4 weeks. Then I went to hang out at the beach for about an hour which was a lot of fun and nice to be able to get some sun even if it was for a short time. Then we had roommate dinner with me casey jen and allison, which was so much fun. We made chicken fajites and had a great time just getting to know eachother. I love those girls so much and have loved every one of our late night cookie dough dates. I feel like the past two weeks Ive really gotten the chance to get to know jen and allison and it has truly been a blessing because weve had some great conversation. I love seeing God continue to build community among us and its been cool knowing that even though we wont probably have a chance to see eachother much over the years, in the end we will all stand in heaven together and be able to enjoy fellowship together for eternity and with that perspective in mind suddenly it all ok :) Friday after work a group of about 40 of us went out for rachels birthday to the yellow mushroom. Then a group of us went to walk around myrtle which was a lot of fun! Saturday night was men and womens night which was also a ton of fun. Three of the girls went up and shared with us and then we played hotseat which was pretty funny. Then we decorated picture frames which was a great idea and turned out to be a lot of fun. Me and alison had a great conversation that night and ended staying up talking until like 1 in the morning. Sunday was our last day with whole impact group so us girls had planned the day out. After church we went and cooked up some Chinese food for about an hour and a half. Then brought it to the boys and realized we had made way too much rice. Me and liz lee atempted to make wanton soup but that was a little bit of a failure. Then right after we went sharing at myrtle beach which was sweet because it was the first time I had been on the south myrtle beach. Then after our group came back me and liz went and set up a disk golf course in the park. We split up into four teams of two and had just an amazing time hanging out. Hole number 7 we had a little incident because me and liz had set it up to throw over the pond. We told the boys we could throw around but as soon as they saw where the hole was they had made up their minds to throw over the pond. Well to make a long story short both jp and brian ended up in the pond. I was a little terrified they would be bitten by a snake but they both ended up alright so I guess God was watching out for them. All in all it was a pretty great week and I cant believe we are going home from project in less then a month!

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