Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dare you to move!

So begins another week on project at NMB. The theme of the week was dare you to move. This week was a pretty big week for us in that our goal of the week was to allow God to move in our lives and give us to do the strength to do things we couldnt do on our own. Beau started the week sunday night with a fantastic talk about how if we live in the spirit we have nothing to fear. What is impossible with men is truly possible with God. He also talked of how comfort in our lives is not a good thing. When we feel comfortable we feel no need to do anything or help anyone else out. We were dared to lay our hearts, our prides, and our lives down for the gospel just as Jesus gave up his life for us. Monday was work and bstud like any other week. In bible study we had some really great conversation and were able to be open and honest about some things which had been going on in the past weeks. We also ate big cookie which has become the desert to have on project and will probably always be a reminder of nmb 2010. Tuesday after work a group of us went to play soccer in the park, which has become one of my favorite things to do on project :) Tuesday night we had group meetings and our outreach team quickly began making lists of what we needed to do in the last week before the concert. After me kelly jenna and chris went to walmart to go and get bandannas for the bandanna crew. There will be a group of 20 people at the concert who will be wearing bandannas so that if anyone has questions about anything especially after the band gives their testimony they will quickly be able to find someone to talk to. Wednesday night before date night me and joanna went out for dinner together since it was her birthday that day and mine was the next day. We went to the barbaque house and tried huspuppies for the first time. We had a really great time and I really enjoyed the opportunity just to sit and talk with her for a while. After that we went to ABC for date night with Jesus which has become one of my favorite places to go. After date night we all met back in the GK to pray for JP who was leaving to go home the next morning. I couldnt believe how fast the summer had gone and that it was time for him to leave already. That night after our group talked we decided for some odd reason that getting up at 5:30 to go to breakfast would be a great idea. So after going to bed at 12:30 I woke up at 5am on my birthday to go to the waffle house to eat breakfast with some of my impact group before jp left at 6:30. We had a pretty great time probably because it was so early everything was pretty hilarious. After saying goodbye to jp, me liz lee and liz lindquist decided to it up the beach for some quiet time before the day actually started. It was so peaceful being out there at 7 in the morning when there was hardly no one out there yet. Its interesting how beautiful it was at 7 though because for the rest of the day it rained harder then it has so far since ive been here. At 12 a group of us were supposed to go sharing with a group of college students who were here with their church and who were wanting to learn how to share their faith. As we set under the porch though we realized sharing wasnt going to happen today because everyone was going to be inside. So instead me sherry cassy liz tori and michelle decided to embrace the rain. We went running out into the road and jumped in the huge puddles which had formed. Sherry kept kicked water at all of us so I attempted to shove her to the ground. Ha in the end we decided wrestling in the street was probably not a great plan. Then joanna and paul drove by in the car and sprayed us by going through a puddle. Which turned out to be one of the funniest things ever and we motioned them to come do it again. Sitting out there in the rain and just enjoying Gods awesome power was for sure one the coolest things ive experienced on project so far. After drying off me cassy liz and tori had lunch together in tori's room. Then it was time for d-ship with berta :) I love the fact that I have to have scheduled time with berta during the week! Then after that I took a short nap and then it was roommate dinner. Casey Alison and Jen made me pancakes, eggs and bacon for my birthday which was so very sweet of them and I loved it. Then what could be better on my birthday then getting to go to cru and get to praise the Lord who is the real reason Im even here anyway! Michael gave the message and did a great job of illistrating that we need to be obedient to God even when we dont know the whole plan because God knows the outcome. What ever it is we need to believe He can do it for us. He also talked about the possible tables in our life which we arent allowing God to flip over. Friday I recieved 5 birthday cards in the mail which pretty much made my day. After that I went to the international dinner where we brought food to some of the internationl students who live next to us. I was part of a group who was able to have a really great conversation with this Christian woman from Jamaica and we were able to learn a little more of her country and about her life. Staurday after work was project dinner as usual. We all met up in the park and ate pulled pork and just got to talk with eachother. Then after that our entire project project headed over to the soccer fields for a huge game of capture the flag. We had four teams with a little over 20 people on each team and all with bandannas to tell who was on what team. The game was a really fun way to have community with each other and even though people got a little competive we all know in the end we are all part of Gods family.And we could end the game knowing we still all care about each other and our opinions of eachother havent changed and there were no hard feelings. Sunday morning we had sunday school as usual and matt and rachel talked about trials in our lives. They talked of how we cant depend on community to get us through trials only God can do that for us. They talked of how God allows us to go through trials in order that our faith is refined. They also talked of how the devil is the accuser and wants us to question God and doubt him. One of the things which really stuck out to me was that we need to be living in light of eternity and we need to realize that we are more then just the here and now. After sunday school my group headed to barefoot church because we had been assigned to go that week. Then after barefoot I was able to go lay on the beach for an hour which I was very thankful for because it had been almost 2 weeks since I last had gotten to enjoy the fact that we live 200 meters from the ocean. The outreach team decided to split up impact groups for the day so my bible study and another guys study went together to myrtle beach to go sharing. I had the opportunity to go sharing with nate which was fun to go with someone new. We got the chance to talk about our lives and just get to know each other a little better. Then after outreach my bible study headed to barefoot landing for a little while to do some shopping. I got one shirt which I am pretty excited about and of course we all had to buy ice cream because its so hot here theres really nothing else to ever eat. After that we had dinner with our new/temporary impact boys and then went to sunday night church. This week was an interesting week especially at work. I was able to see God working in some pretty cool ways. One being typically in a day it is very rare for the phones to stop ringing for more then a min at work. But this week there were multiple times when the phone would be silent for 5 mins at a time. This was cool because it finally gave me a chance to actually talk with some of my coworkers and have more then a 30 second conversation. I was able to invite many of them to the concert at the park and many of them said they couldnt wait to come. My boss also let my print 120 copies of our fliers for free for us to give out to people. God also helped me to have patience with people one the phones this week and I realized when I go to him for strength he loves to give it to me! God has taught me so much on project and Im excited to see what he shows me this next week with the theme of the week being prayer!!

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