Wednesday, June 23, 2010

all for 1 week!

Last week was the third official week on project. The week started off at our Sunday night weekly meeting when the staff came running up in front of all of us and did the dance to the all for one song in Highschool Musical One. The moment was pretty priceless watching our entire staff and some of their children do a couragraphed dance in front of us. That night we were given the message that the next week was one of the most important weeks on project. Community week was one in which we truly needed to learn how to be a family of God and needed to learn to care about one another. John 13:34-35 states "A new command I give you: Love one another.As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know you are my disciples if you love one another. This verse was pretty much our goal for the week just to learn to love one another and grow together as one body. The second very large part of the week was that what one person knew everyone needed to know. They told us certain people would be getting information during the week and everyone needed to get it. We however were not allowed to text people that information. This was a crucial rule we had to follow and were told that if this communication didnt happen there would be consequences. We didnt really set up any sort of communication system in the start of the week because we figured everyone could just past the word on and eventually everyone would hear the information. The week continued on and as people recieved information they passed it on. I found out tuesday morning that we were having a picture on wednesday at 6 pm. On wednesday morning I was told that we had to wear solid colors to this picture. By the time I got to the picture it became clear that not everyone had recieved the same information. Apparently one of the clues had been that no one could wear a white shirt and the shirts were to be completly solid with no writing. Another clue had been that we were not allowed to talk when we got there. As Gary stood up and asked if everyone had heard the no talking rule or the no white shirts rule it became painfully obvious that our comminication style had failed. He told us that in the softball game on saturday we would not be starting on an evenn ground. That night our entire group of 92 students called an emergency meeting and suprisingly within 10 mins everyone was there. We talked about how we needed a system set up because obviously hopping everyone would eventually hear the clues did not work. We decieded that we needed to meet up each day to share our clues and information because that was the only way we could be sure everyone would hear the info. Thursday night we met again as a group and found out we needed to pick colors managers and umpires for our team. We also were giving a note that saying for friday morning we were only allowed to haveone alarm clock go off in each buliding and after that the person who had to leave earliest for work would have to wake up the next person. No one was very thrilled with the idea at all but eventually we were ableto get it all set up so that we had everyone being woken up by the previous person when they needed to go to work. I'll admit it was a little nerve wracking depending on another person to come and wake you up because if they forgot there was no way you were getting to work and it would mess up the schedule for everyone. Thursday night we had womens time and they served us sandwiches and chocolate strawberries and we ended the night with a massive dance party which was pretty fantastic. Friday night I went to see Toy Story 3 with a group of people and I have to say they did a pretty great job with it. Saturday at 5 we all met to eat dinner together and then all 92 of us put blue and white paint on our faces and walked to the softball field singing we are team Jesus instead of we are the titans. The game was probably one of the most encouraging things ive ever done. As each of us went up to bat our entire group would chant and cheer for them. Just to see our community growing and building up was pretty encouraging. Sunday was a pretty busy day even though it was our day off. A group of us got to go play soccer in the 100 degrees for and hour and a half which was just a really cool way for us to bond. That night we went to something called the international dinner and although I can't sare much of what happened exactly I can say it was pretty life changing. It made me think about things I had never considered and just opened my eyes to how other countries see us. More then that, though it showed me the repsonibility we have to sharing our faith with others and just how comfortable our culture and country has become.

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