Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what God has been teaching me so far

So I decided to start a blog so I can share with people some of the things I have been learning on summer project so far and also so I can update people on my life down here.

Well driving 22 hours to get to North Myrtle beach seemed like a great road trip that everyone should get to try, or so I thought. The trip started off pretty well we left Minneapolis at about 6:30 on tuesday morning and were scheduled to arrive here in South Carolina at about 4 ish or something the next day. However our car ended up breaking down in Indianapolis at about 5 pm on tuesday night and put us about 6 hours behind schedule. Although we had some rough times that night trying to figure out how we could even make it here and if the car would be fixed God was faithful through it all. He provided a hotel for us to stay at and some great people to take care of us that night, and He kept us all safe. Although that situation was a struggle it was cool to see how close it brought me steph and angie even though before that moring we hadnt hardly even been friends. We arrived in NMB at about 1 in the moring and sadly evenone was already alseep. The next few days of being here and meeting people made me more and more excited to spend the entire summer here. It has been cool to see how its so obvious that all the people placed in my bible study were put together through God. We can all relate to eachother so much and I can't believe how close we have gotten after knowing eachother for only 2 weeks. The women in my study have encouraged me and helped me grow so much in my spirtual walk already. I have also come to love the boys in our impact group, and our group has had some really amazing times together and some great laughs. I can't wait to continue to grow in relationships with these people! God also provided me with a great job this summer and after a week of training tomorrow I finally get to answer the phones by myself. yay! I'm excited to get to know the people at my work place and also to see how God is going to use me there. Working almost 40 hours a week and then having planned project stuff all the times leads to little free time, and makes it hard to make time to connect with those who arent here. So I want to let you all know right now it's not that I dont miss you because I do and I can't wait to see everyone when I come back! One of the things which is planned into our schedule each week is date night with Jesus on wednesday night. This is where we get to go and spend 2-3 hours just us and God. Last week that night was probably one of my favorite times on project. During that time I was reading through my journal and came across something I had written 2 days before project. It expressed my doubts and fears of going on project some of those being; not being good enough to go, not having people here for me, and my friends forgetting me while im gone. Im happy to say as I read those fears God has made me realize those truly are lies the devil wanted me to believe. He has shown me again and again that this was his plan for me and that I am suppose to be here. He has brought people into my life who care for me and love me for who I am. But lastly he has finally helped me work through my issues of never feeling good enough. That in itself has been something I have struggledwith forever but God has finally showed me that although we can't be "good enough" for him, He loves me anyway. When we are able to find our self worth in God it becomes less important to us what others think of us and more important that everything we do is for God. A second lesson I have been learing a lot about is loving other people. This week our theme is killing the giants and the focus is on outreach. Before coming to project I would say my outlook on sharing our faith and doing outreaches on the beach was pretty low. I didn't see the need and didn't understand why we had to go do it. God however has really been working in my heart on that and has begun to break my heart for those who are lost. We had a sermen on sunday moring which really just opened my eyes to the fact that without Christ we would be just like them. There is not reason that I wasn't born into a broken family like so many others. No reason why I am not like our new neighboors who just moved in on sunday and have begun partying by 3 in the afternoon everyday. No reason, other then that God loves me and called me to him. But he doesn't just love me, he loves them too just as much as he loves me. Realizing this began to show me my need for the gospel and has given me the strength to be able to go and share my faith with others. Because without the gospel I would be just like them, lost. In fact I am even on the outreach team something I would have been completly against before but now im sure God is going to use it to stretch me and continue to help me grow.

Well anyway thats all I have for now but I can't waith to see what God will continue to show me and teach me as the summer continues on!!

prayer requests,

That God would continue to move in our hearts here and continue to break us for the lost

that God would soften the hearts of those we talk to and open them to what we have to say

that God would continue to work through me and break me of any feelings of rightousness I have and show me my own need for his grace and the gospel

that I would have patience at work when dealing with people who are demanding and rude, and that I would be able to show them Gods love and grace anyway

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